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Another year underway....

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Yesterday was the big day I have been preparing for, the children came to the Atrium. The excitement was contagious as the littlest ones entered with big eyes finally getting to see what was behind the closed door in their Montessori classroom. I have learned, from other catechists, to turn off the overhead light and use lamps to create a softer environment. this year my atrium is in a windowless room. Somehow the lamps have an even most stunning effect. I think it is because they are the only source of light. The light from windows does not dilute the softness of the low wattage lamps. It reminds me that sometimes I get so busy with daily life, I dilute the only true source of light in my life. I dilute The Light by telling myself all of the things I am busy with, are for the good. And they are for the good. It is good to do laundry, make meals, help with homework, drive children places. You get the point. But what I need to take the time to remember,  is that none of those things would be possible, without the light, if I were in the dark. Jesus is the one who makes all things possible and makes the things in my life stunning. 

Here is a picture from one of my favorite artists, it is a picture of the Nativity. As I am looking forward to celebrating the Light coming into the world, I am reminded the season of Advent will soon be upon us. As I prepare me heart, I am also preparing my atrium and my store. I have just received a shipment of the 5 inch Fontanini figurines. You will want to order yours early so all is prepared for the celebration of the Light coming into the world at Christmas time. Please visit me at goodshepherdresources.com

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