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Some days are just great...

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Today was one of those great days in the Atrium. The children were engaged, for the most part, and "working deeply."  Our atrium seemed an especially warm and inviting contrast to the zero degree temperatures and wind chill.

We wondered how such a large bush could grow out of such a tiny seed and how that mustard seed was like the Kingdom of God. Some of us wondered how the leaven made the flour and water mixture so bubbly and big and how the Kingdom of God could be like leaven. In the quiet of our atrium, while I was praying and observing, I saw one of my 5 year olds drawing the sanctuary of our Cathedral.  If you look closely you can see the paten and chalice, tabernacle and sanctuary lamp. Over head, on either side are statues of angels and at the very top, "the most important thing" he said, was the Holy Spirit, watching over all. It was a great day in our atrium and I am grateful!

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